Common Questions

How old does my child need to be to enroll?
Your child must be four by September 30, 2021 in order to be accepted into the 2021-22 school year.

What determines if my child will be accepted into the program?
Our state funding for Pre-K under the Virginia Preschool Initiative requires us to identify and serve those children who are most at-risk of academic failure. With this in mind each child who is interested in applying to Pre-K goes through a screening process. Academic performance, social and emotional well-being along with environmental risk factors such as poverty, homelessness, and foster care are considered. A child with a disability and has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is given priority status.Common Questions

Can my child ride the school bus?
Yes, any of our enrolled PreK students can ride the school bus just like a kindergartner.

Do the children attend class all week?
The PreK children will attend class just as a kindergartener would with exception of the first week. During the first week we do a "staggered start" where the half of the students come on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the other half come on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. This allows the teacher more one on one time with each child and helps with making the transition from home to school.

How long is the Pre-K school day?
Our program is a full day program and follows the same schedule as other elementary grades.

Do I need to provide my child's lunch each day?
All PreK students have the choice of packing their lunch or they can purchase lunch from the school cafeteria. Applications for free or reduced lunch are available.

Do they take a nap?
The PreK students do take an afternoon nap.

What supplies is needed?
The school will provide all supplies as no participation fees of any kind can be charged to parents under our state funding guidelines. They only items that are needed are a change of clothes, a blanket for nap time, and a book bag that will accommodate a folder. Please let us know if you need any of these items. 

What is typical day like?
Children will experience a wide variety of learning activities that includes whole group and small group settings as well as exploration at learning centers and time spent outdoors. Music and PE are offered as well.

What kind of shoes should my child wear?
For safety reasons, flip flops are not allowed. We have found that tennis shoes work best!

Does my child need to have a physical?
A school physical is required before your child can be accepted into the program and must have been completed within one year prior to the date of school starting. This can be completed at any family doctor's office. Children without a current physical on file at the school may not begin school. Physical forms [school entrance health form] are available on our website under the "Application" tab.

If my child is accepted why do I have to have a home visit?
The purpose of the home visit is to help your child to make a smooth transition from home to school and to create a positive connection between the teacher and the child's family. Teachers see this as a special time to see the child in his/her home environment where the child is most comfortable and can learn more about the child's strengths and interests. Home visits are seen as the first important step to establishing a strong school-family relationship with teachers and parents as partners in the child's learning.

Can I go to a different school that is not my home school?
We are required to first serve children who apply to Pre-K that live in their home school zone. If there are spots available at another school that is not your home school, you may put in a request for "out-of-zone" and it may be honored if spots are available at the requested school after all children who applied to the home school have been offered a spot. Parents would need to provide transportation to the requested school that is not your home school. Please call our office at 540-483-5138 for more information.

Can I apply for Pre-K if I live in another county?
If you reside in a county other than Franklin, we cannot offer your child a spot as our Pre-K funding is available only to Franklin County residents.

I just moved here and it is in the middle of the school year. Can my child still get in?
Please call our office at 483-5138 for the latest information on available spots.

Are there any fees with Pre-K?
There are no fees to attend public preschool.

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